Thanks to our booming local economy, more people than ever are traveling to the heart of the city for work. A lot of those people still drive cars to get where they need to go but are finding their way increasingly restricted by more bus lanes, more bike lanes and more streets blocked by construction. Not everyone can trade their car for a bike or a bus or some other transit alternative, especially since so many options have yet to be built. Nevertheless, city leaders are considering putting a toll on cars entering downtown ­­­— this, even as the impending tolls on the new Highway 99 tunnel are about to divert even more traffic onto city streets.

With Seattle parking fees already among the highest in the nation, paying a daily toll is going to land hardest on working folks who already are struggling with their finances. The city’s attack on automobile travel should be tempered by the realization that not everyone has another transportation alternative and not everyone can afford yet another tax on living and working in the Emerald City.

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