Re: “Recognize Washington’s election success” [Nov. 24, Opinion]:

Yes, Secretary of State Kim Wyman can be credited for our successful vote-by-mail election, but I exhort her and election officials in the other four states that use all-mail voting exclusively to show the other 45 states the merits of our ways.

The unjustified attacks on mail-in ballots in this past election could be blunted if the system in Washington state and the other four was closely examined for the secure logistics they employ. I know it has taken some years for the system in Washington to reach its current perfection, but I am eager to see the other 45 states consider how vote-by-mail removes all barriers to voting: no impossible lines; no musical early voting dates and polling places; fewer staffing issues and broken machines; no need for voters to take time off work, find child care, face transportation issues, battle illness or brave the elements on inclement days.

Ah, how I appreciate the predictable amount of time I have in every election to consider my choices and the convenience of receiving my ballot by mail, and then dropping it into a secure receptacle. Each time, I am happy to save the state the cost of prepaid postage, and I can’t help but think that our system is less expensive overall. But, of course, freedom and democracy are priceless.

Jean M. Patterson, Edmonds