Just about everyone agrees that 2020 has been a hellish year. A killer pandemic, a bitter election campaign, political polarization that has burst into occasional violence in the streets, a wrecked economy, high unemployment, a gridlocked Congress, police shootings of Black citizens – the events of this year do not necessarily inspire a thankful mood.

Yet, as always, there are things for which we can be thankful. Much of the good stuff happens in our private lives among friends and family, but, even in our public life, there are blessings.

The big one is that our democratic system still works. Despite the rank untruths being spread by certain candidates and certain media outlets, we just held an honest, fair, untainted election in which a record number of Americans got to vote. And the result of that election is already bringing hope for a much happier year to come.

Experts will soon be in charge of our foreign policy. Professionals, rather than corporate shills and incompetent sycophants, will be running domestic policy. Medical scientists will be guiding our pandemic response. And the occupant of the White House will not be preoccupied with his golf game, his ego, his TV ratings or his Twitter account.

The adults are about to take charge again, and that is something for which we should be very, very thankful.

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