It’s bad enough that the primary election for Seattle City Council always lands in the middle of the city’s typically sun-drenched and distracting summer; it makes it hard to focus on politics when beaches and boating and biking and hiking are calling us away. This time around, though, it’s even tougher to get a handle on how to vote because 50 candidates are competing for seats in seven council districts for seven seats. Who can sort all those people out?

Well, The Seattle Times editorial board has faced that challenge, doing in-person interviews with all the reasonably viable contenders, and has come up with endorsements of seven stellar choices.

None of them are incumbents. The editorial board reached the easy conclusion that the current council has been a big disappointment, and it is time for a major change. The city does not need council members who have political agendas and ties that are too close to various special-interest groups. What the city does need is collaboration, common sense, experience, independence and openness to all ideas and all citizens of the Emerald City. The seven endorsed candidates offer those attributes and would provide a much-needed reset for municipal politics.

Seattle deserves nothing less.

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