From the very first weeks of his stay in the White House, President Donald Trump has made it obvious that he enjoys the theatrics of campaigning for president far more than the hard work of actually being president.

He has never done his homework. He does not read the security briefings provided to him by the nation’s intelligence agencies, preferring to get his information from his favorite right-wing TV hosts or from his own gut feelings. He does not bother to learn the details of major legislation, as evidenced by his public boasts that bear no resemblance to actual bills put forward by his Republican allies. Even some GOP members of Congress privately acknowledge that Trump seldom knows what he’s talking about.

On Tuesday, Trump reviled a medical study that found patients in Veterans Administration hospitals who suffered from COVID-19 did worse when treated with hydroxychloroquine. He called it “a Trump enemy statement.” This was after revealing that he was taking the drug himself. Numerous respected entities in the scientific and medical world have warned that hydroxychloroquine can be dangerous and that its use by Trump sets a terrible example for the public, but Trump’s cheerleaders on Fox News have touted the drug, so why would he listen to anyone else?

At a dark time when the United States needs a sober, skilled leader at the head of government – a Roosevelt or a Lincoln or a Washington – we have someone who loves the ego-building exercise of playing president on television but who spends his days and nights nursing grudges, obsessing about his re-election and tweeting inane messages by the hundreds, all instead of doing his job.

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