Whatever happened to the party of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt? For that matter, what happened to the party of Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush and John McCain?

It is gone, and has been replaced by a party led and run by sycophants, cynics, careerists, cowards and conspiracy mongers. Never has that been more obvious than in these post-election days during which a Republican president, incapable of admitting defeat, is running a hopeless vanity campaign to cast doubt on the nation’s electoral process and is being enabled by party leaders who refuse to tell that president to act like a man and start packing his bags.

From Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on down, most Republicans in Congress are refusing to say what they know is true: Joe Biden won the presidential race fair and square and is going to become president on Jan. 20. Instead, they are pretending there is merit to Trump’s rash of comical court challenges and are ignoring the serious damage being done to the country by their president’s refusal to allow a smooth transition of power.

National security is at risk because Biden is not being given intelligence briefings that would allow him to take charge with a full understanding of the threats that may face him. Fortunately, Biden has been there before as vice president and should be able to get up to speed quickly. More crucially, perhaps, Biden’s team is being kept away from crucial information about current programs to fight the coronavirus pandemic. If they are not brought on board before Jan. 20, there will be a lag in prevention measures and delivery of the vaccine. As Biden said on Tuesday, people will die because of this foolish delay.

Why are Republican leaders allowing Trump to act like a petulant brat? Because they are afraid of his wrath, afraid that he will turn Republican voters against them and their careers will be put in jeopardy. With feckless men and women like these representing the once Grand Old Party, the Republican symbol should no longer be the majestic elephant; it should be the weasel. 

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