Behold the 'worm blob,' grossing out even the scientists who study it

An undated photo provided by the Bhamla Lab at Georgia Tech, shows a blackworm blob under a microscope. It only takes around 10 worms to form a coherent blob. There is no known limit to how many worms can form a blob. (Harry Tuazon, Bhamla Lab at Georgia Tech via The New York Times) — NO SALES; FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY WITH NYT STORY SCI-WORM-BLOBS BY SABRINA IMBLER FOR OCT. 25, 2021. ALL OTHER USE PROHIBITED. — XNYT69 XNYT69

β€œIt was pretty horrific and pretty shocking, but also kind of beautiful,” says one scientist of a blackworm blob. "Blobbing" is how some worms mush together to protect and move themselves. Researchers even built a computerized model blob.

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