Local independent nurseries deliver impressive plant selections and customer experiences.

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Have you visited your local independent nurseries lately? Pacific Northwest nurseries and garden centers are revolutionizing the customer experience through the use of technology and community building.

You may have noticed your local nursery has invested in technology at their business. iPad kiosks and information centers are now available at many nurseries to help you.

Do you participate in your local nursery’s social media communities? Nurseries and garden centers have created online communities for their customers to engage with them and are designed to educate and inspire. If you have not liked their page, you are missing out — do so immediately. Have you attended a special event or workshop hosted at your local nursery? From “ladies’ night out” to kid clubs, these events are tailored to both educate and entertain all levels.

To top it off, nurseries continue to give back by supporting community service projects and causes that are important to you as their customer and work to improve and build up local communities.

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But, even though the customer experience is evolving at local nurseries, the core of what sets these nurseries apart from large home centers remains tried and true. And that includes:


Working with local and reliable suppliers ensures quality products for you. Your local nurseries are staffed by plant lovers who are trained and committed to caring for the plants and trees they sell.

Lots of Cool Plants!

Plants and trees are just more awesome at your local nursery. Your local nursery or garden center offers a wide selection of plants and trees for the choosing. Many nurseries are committed to showcasing proven plant material for local climates and new plant selections being debuted. Visit multiple times throughout the year — you will be inspired by the constantly evolving selection of plant material that celebrates each season.


Learning to garden is an ongoing adventure, so be sure to get the answers to your gardening questions directly from the pros. Most offer gardening classes and workshops geared toward providing information to help you achieve gardening success, and are targeted to all ages from children to the advanced gardener. In addition, many local nurseries and garden centers staff Certified Professional Horticulturists to ensure qualified and knowledgeable advice on plant selection, plant care and other gardening needs.

Do you have a relationship with your local nursery or garden center? If not, 2015 is the year to begin. Visit http://www.wsnla.org to find a nursery or garden center near you. And, be sure to like us at www.facebook.com/GardenWashington. From sales to events, we will keep you in the loop on the exciting growing and gardening opportunities.

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