For prospective homeowners, current market conditions can present an opportunity to steer clear of the competition and build their own home.

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The West Coast real estate market is becoming more and more competitive — the sheer number of for-sale signs, open houses and MLS listings says it all. For many, the house hunt can be a daunting feat riddled with a lack of inventory, fierce bidding wars and ever-rising asking prices.

Yet for prospective homeowners, the current market condition can also present an opportunity to steer clear of the competition and build their own home. Viceroy Houses, based in Richmond, B.C., specializes in helping its customers build a custom home that is perfectly suited to their lifestyle.

For Eric and Sandra Tetzlaff, building a home was the right move. After learning about Viceroy Houses at the Seattle Home Show and speaking with a sales representative, the Tetzlaffs made the decision to embark on their homebuilding journey.

When the couple approached Viceroy, they only had a few rough sketches and a general idea of what they wanted in their home. Working with a Viceroy design consultant, they were able to turn their dream home into a reality.

“The entire process [with Viceroy] was a one-stop shop,” says Sandra Tetzlaff. “We would come up with an idea and submit it to our designer, who would then create the blueprints.”

She says building their new home provided a more-fulfilling, less-stressful experience. The end result was a four-bedroom, 3,100-square-foot home located in Grays Harbor, inspired by Viceroy’s Winslow model and designed with the Tetzlaffs’ future retirement in mind.

“Because our home is on the waterfront, the floor-to-ceiling windows on the Winslow model really appealed to us,” says Sandra.

About two thirds of Viceroy homeowners have taken a Viceroy model and customized it to suit their needs.

To learn about Viceroy’s special summer offer and request a free consultation, contact Andy McQueen at 253-259-2706 or

— Chelsea Noel