Sometimes, life gets in the way of finishing college. Flexible programs offer many paths to completing that goal.

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While community colleges in Washington are near the top nationally in graduation rates, there are still many people who start college but aren’t able to see their dream through to completion.

Often, it is life that gets in the way of the goal. Sometimes it’s an economic reason, sometimes family or a relationship and sometimes just a personal choice. Whatever the reason, students who do leave often have the intention of returning at some point to finish the journey.

And there are good reasons to come to Shoreline Community to make good on that intention.

A 2013 national study shows that a Shoreline graduate could earn $456,269 more over their lifetime than if they had stopped at high school. Across the U.S., the median gain for those with a two-year degree was $259,000 over their lifetime, according to the study.

“At Shoreline, we work hard to make sure our degrees and certificates are relevant to our students’ goals, whether those goals are immediate employment or moving on to a four-year university,” President Cheryl Roberts says.

For Shoreline graduates looking to move on to a university, the UW is the No. 1 transfer destination. And data show that students who start at Shoreline and then transfer perform just as well as students who start at the University of Washington.

If the goal is employable skills right now, Shoreline offers a number of programs with high job-placement rates for graduates. Shoreline’s manufacturer-based automotive technology programs – Toyota, Honda, General Motors and MOPAR (Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Fiat) – work closely with area new-car dealers. The RN Nursing program and Dental Hygiene programs each have high license-passage and job-placement rates. The Biotechnology Lab Technician program is the only one of its kind in a region that is home to some of the most cutting-edge biotech companies in the world.

But what about life getting in the way? We understand that the job you’ve got can sometimes stand in the way of getting the job you want. Yes, we’ve got great programs on a beautiful campus, but if you can’t get here, Shoreline Community College also offers 25 degrees and certificates completely online, including our Associate in Arts transfer degree that can help open the door to a university degree.

It’s time to make that dream come true. For more information, go to