Wooly Beast Designs' vegan body and beard oils are made in Portland and have Northwest-themed names like Dirty Hipster and Lumberjack.

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Eco chic

Bearded Man. Dirty Hipster. Lumberjack.

They’re not just tongue-in-cheek Northwest archetypes. They’re also the names of eco-friendly Wooly Beast Designs Perfume + Body Oils, handcrafted in Portland by husband and wife team Skylar Tharp-Bittinger and Trevor Bittinger.

But don’t be scared: The vegan, essential-oil fragrances are warm and woodsy, and contain no chemicals, phthalates, dyes or palm oil.

Smaller vials of Beard Oil — with names such as Teen Spirit and Trust Fund Hippie — are also available. Return your cleaned glass jar for a discount on your next order.

$20 for Beard Oils, $90 for Perfume + Body Oils at woolybeastdesigns.com