Light and bright colors, plus mixed media and natural textures add modern style to homes for spring.

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Updating your décor based on emerging trends doesn’t have to involve a full-blown makeover. Add some of the season’s freshest colors and finishes for an instant pick-me-up.

Here are some insider picks for the top hues and textures for spring and summer.


Greenery: After Pantone announced Greenery as its color of the year, the nature-inspired tone started popping up everywhere. “Green is the official color of 2017,” says Maria Raco, founder of NewWall. “It ties in with the modern philosophy of minimalism and sustainability of the natural environment.”

For interior designer Annsley McAleer, this also translates into incorporating more literal greenery. “Bring on the green plants,” she says. “[They] give a room a major boost, and they do not require a lot of attention.”

Bright hues: Yellow, especially lesser-known ochre yellow, has caught McAleer’s eye.

White walls have been all the rage for the past 10 years, says Orlando Soria, Homepolish’s West Coast creative director, but things are changing. “A return to bold wall colors and graphic statement art will make a comeback this year,” he says. “People are ready for some drama and saturated color.”

His color prediction for 2017: Navy. “There’s a definite timelessness and elegance to navy, and we’re happy to see that finally being applied to furniture,” he says.

Light, airy spaces: “In 2017, I think we will be drawn to interiors that are inspiring and uplifting,” says West Elm’s creative director Johanna Uurasjarvi. She sees a trend toward open and airy rooms with lighter color palettes that are friendly and inviting.

This trend lends itself particularly well to floors, which are seeing a white-out treatment this year. “For years, the predominant type of flooring people have been putting in their homes has been dark and shiny,” Soria says. “Finally, it’s starting to trend back toward lighter hues in matte finishes.”

CB2 Potted Succulent, $13 at; West Elm Ashton Dining Table, $999
CB2 Potted Succulent, $13 at; West Elm Ashton Dining Table, $999


Mixed media: Expect to see materials beyond the popular brass and marble this year, as mixed media are on the forefront.

“New, innovative materials and material mixes will bring texture and interest to design,” Uurasjarvi says. “For example, mixing marble, brass and wood in one design, or combining organic lava rock with modern resin.”

A material at the forefront this year is rattan. “It’s an eternal favorite for designers,” Soria says, “but this year, a lot of mainstream retailers are finally getting on board.”

Monochrome layering: On the other side of the spectrum, minimalism is still going strong. “I think we’ve seen enough of the boho layered prints,” says interior designer Mara Silber. “The trends for 2017 involve more monochromatic layering — or tastefully layering all different types of textures in a similar color scheme. Think pleating and draping with large-scale woven textiles and plush mohairs — not to mention classical, elegant boucles and tweeds, which are making a big comeback. There is no shortage of ways to layer, as long as it feels natural and easy.”

Raco agrees: “Natural textures give depth to any aesthetic.”