Gear for spring and summer dining, including food, décor and gadgets made for days when the stove stays off.

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There wasn’t a lot of baking and sautéing going on last week as the temps topped 80. But we all still had to eat.

The record highs were just a taste of summer weather looming right around the corner. Get prepared now to dine during the dog days, with food, décor and gadgets made for days when the stove stays off.


Turn off the oven and fire up the grill. Your brats, burgers and veggie dogs will get an extra kick from Red Duck Organic Curry Ketchup  ($8 at Marx Foods, lower Queen Anne), made in Portland from organic ingredients.

Take Mustard and Co.’s The Golden Pack ($25 at as a hostess gift to your Memorial Day party and put it right to use. It includes Dijon mustard in a gold-dipped jar, honey and mustard seeds for a fun foodie present.

Elevate your ribs to new heights with Marshall’s Smoked Habanero Barbeque Haute Sauce ($12 at E. Smith Mercantile, Pioneer Square), featuring a sweet and spicy blend made in Portland.

Molly Moon’s Molly’s Fave Sprinkles ($10) will make the kids (of all ages) smile when they have their ice cream treat. And the Seattle company’s colorful candy bits are organic, so they’re, you know, healthy.

Molly Moon’s Molly’s Fave Sprinkles, $10; Bittermilk Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour, $17
Molly Moon’s Molly’s Fave Sprinkles, $10; Bittermilk Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour, $17

Add an easy mixed drink to your rosé and microbrew rotation with Bittermilk’s Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour ($17 at Marx Foods), a lemon/honey/orange syrup that just needs to be mixed with ice and whiskey.


Add summer-themed linens and serving pieces for festive dining indoors or out.

The Coin Laundry Octopus Napkin Set ($20 for four at brings a hint of the sea to your table via cotton napkins silk-screened by hand with eco-friendly dyes.

Any drink will be tastier poured from the Rosanna Inc. Patio Party Pitcher ($85 at, a glass pitcher adorned with gold flamingos.

Inspired by camping trips, the Love Lynsey River Rock Boards Set (on sale for $164 at Moorea Seal, Belltown) may inspire your own outdoor adventures. And the made-in-Utah pieces are perfect cheese boards in the meantime.

Car camping? Bringing the wine to a party? Just nervous about running out? The ZEbag Wine Bottle Carrying Case ($60 at holds six bottles on the go. Once home, you can use it flat or hanging to store up to 11 bottles.

Take some of the hassle of shuttling utensils in and out of the house when dining al fresco with the Black+Blum Forminimal Utensil/Knife Holder + Board ($40 at Annie’s Art & Frame, Ballard). The sturdy (and good looking) plastic set includes slots for utensils and knives, with a cutting board slid in between.


On days when it’s too hot even to grill, whip up a refreshing veggie salad with the new OXO Good Grips Tabletop Spiralizer ($40 at Bed Bath & Beyond). A turn of the handle makes veggie noodles in three shapes.

Charcoal Companion 5-pc. S’mores Roasting Rack & Skewer Set, $20
Charcoal Companion 5-pc. S’mores Roasting Rack & Skewer Set, $20

The Schmidt Brothers Acacia Corn Holders ($16 for eight at Crate & Barrel) will probably be the classiest corn holders you’ll ever have. And they’re also great for olives and other little picnic finger foods.

Start your day or finish your meal with an iced coffee, made to perfection with the Bruer Cold Bruer Drip Coffee Maker ($80 at Sur La Table), which is adjustable for just the right strength (i.e. extra strong).

Create fruit sorbets, ice cream or frozen yogurt with the new Cuisinart Fruit Scoop Frozen Dessert Maker ($90 at It’s fully automatic, even crushing the fruit for you, and works in as little as 20 minutes.

Or serve up a classic the lazy way with the Charcoal Companion 5-pc. S’mores Roasting Rack & Skewer Set ($20 at, which subs your grill for a campfire and even melts the chocolate for you.