Make an easy transition from winter to spring style with clothes and accessories for men and women.

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A few tantalizing days of blue skies have reminded us that spring is this close.

But don’t pack up the puffy vests and wool socks just yet. Since this is Seattle, we must be realistic about our weather patterns: It’s still going to be wet and chilly for weeks, if not months, to come. This transitional time takes a little more outfit finesse than usual, so we’ve picked out some pieces that can help. Layer them on, then get outside. You’ve waited long enough.

Bright items for a good mood

An excellent way to welcome spring is to start dressing with a little more color and whimsy, even if temps still dip below freezing every so often.

The Prairie Underground x The OULA Company Wax Cocoon ($253 at is handmade from the Seattle company’s organic cotton denim and The OULA Company’s African textiles, so each limited-edition design is unique.

Bring some color to your accessories with the Hot Sox Bunnies Crew Socks ($15 for three pairs at Nordstrom), because nothing says spring like pastels and cute baby animals. Or show off your doggie love with the Dog Limited Pug Dad Hat ($29 at Pipe & Row, Fremont), a stylish cap you can wear to keep your four-legged friend close even when you’re away from home.

Pack up for a late-winter trip with the Metamorphic Slate Duffle Bag ($125 at The color-blocked duffel, made from upcycled sailcloth, has a waterproof tarp bottom to keep everything dry no matter where you set it down.

Switching to lightweight materials

Start swapping your wool and cashmere layers for versatile cotton pieces that keep you warm in the shade but let your body breathe in the sunshine.

The Prairie Underground Glam Dress ($180 at will work from now all the way into summer. Layer the Seattle-made dress over leggings and knee-high boots to stay warm during that last, taunting mid-March snowstorm, or wear the frock with sandals on a cloud-free day.

The new Filson Women’s Scout Shirt ($125 at Filson, Sodo) is similarly versatile, functioning as a jacket-alternative on warmer days, or buttoned up under your favorite oversized sweater when it’s little more frigid.

Dog Limited Pug Dad Hat, $29; Filson Scout Shirt, $125; New England Outerwear Co. Four-Eye Cataumet, $300
Dog Limited Pug Dad Hat, $29; Filson Scout Shirt, $125; New England Outerwear Co. Four-Eye Cataumet, $300

Overalls are a multi-season secret weapon, as they can be layered in a dozen different ways. The Bridge & Burn Biei Indigo Canvas Overalls ($188 at, designed in Portland, are soft and beautifully detailed, and can be paired with everything from crop tops to oversized tees to sweaters.

Early-season weatherproofing

Don’t rush to retire your winter boots and waterproof jackets for the season — there are still rainstorms to come. But do add in some lighter-weight pieces to get you in that springtime mood.

The New England Outerwear Co. Four-Eye Cataumet shoes ($300 at Freeman, Capitol Hill) are hand-stitched with weatherproofed soles, so you’ll be ready to jump on a boat or stomp through a puddle.

Seattle company Kavu’s Breaker Shell ($80 at Kavu, Ballard) is a handy, water-resistant slicker that you can scrunch into a backpack when it is sunny and whip out as soon as the clouds begin to descend. Bright color combos make it a piece you’ll wear around the campground and town all summer long.

Everlane’s The City Anorak ($98 at may become your best friend this spring. The warm-weather raincoat is water-resistant, ethically made and stylish with an oversized fit.

Add a versatile layer with the Filson Moleskine Vest/Liner ($175 at Filson). The wind-resistant Moleskine piece can be worn alone, or zipped into a Filson jacket or layered underneath another piece of rainproof outerwear.

If you are looking for a new daily-wear shirt, pick up the Buki CPO Shirt ($198 at This Seattle-designed, thermoregulated poly-blend shirt will keep you warm when the sun goes down, but won’t make you sweat during the day. If you do get overheated chasing a bus, its moisture-wicking technology will have you dry again in no time.