An amateur designer "co-created" Seattle sneaker company Rooy's latest release, debuted in the U.S. on Saturday.

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The brand-new Rooy OOO [wu:] sneaker is cool enough on its own, with a sleek, perfectly Seattle aesthetic.

But what really sets it apart is where it came from. Seattle company Rooy takes a “co-creation” approach to footwear, giving budding shoe designers a chance to compete to have their designs created, and letting sneaker fans weigh in on what’s produced.

Designs are uploaded to the company’s website during challenge periods and visitors vote on designs. Rooy, founded in 2014, watches what’s trending and selects at least one pair to manufacture. The company even splits the royalties with the designers based on how well they sell.

The OOO [wu:] was submitted by Korean designer YongWoo Choi in Rooy’s spring/summer challenge in July 2015, and the shoe launched at Capitol Hill footwear boutique Likelihood on Saturday.

It’s the company’s seventh launch and first in a retail store in the U.S. Several more co-created shoes are due out soon. View and vote on the latest submissions, or submit your own idea at

Rooy OOO [wu:], $125 at Likelihood (Capitol Hill) and

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