Express yourself in style with Towne 9’s Zipper Pouches, crafted from recycled cotton canvas.

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Eco-friendly style is in the bag — a cheeky 100-percent-recycled cotton-canvas bag.

Towne 9 Zipper Pouches, $12–$16
Towne 9 Zipper Pouches, $12–$16

Seattle’s Towne 9 Zipper Pouches are screenprinted by hand with sassy sayings such as “But first, lipstick,” “Sparkle every day” and “I may not be perfect, but my makeup is.”

They make for great makeup bags, but at 9.5-by-6 inches, can also be used as fun pencil and craft cases (look for the “Crafters gonna craft, craft, craft, craft” version).

There are 48 different sayings available, in natural off-white and black canvas. All are printed with phthalate-free inks.

$12–$16 at