Transform your abode into a stylish retreat — without airport lines or overpriced poolside cocktails.

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Summer sojourns are fabulous in theory, but the planning leading up to your cocktail-and-cabana moment can leave you more stressed than if you never left home.

Ditch the airport lines and disappointing hotel rooms and try this: staying home.

We called on Homepolish interior designer Angela Belt and feng shui expert Laura Cerrano to find out how you can transform your abode into a stylish staycation retreat. So unpack your bags, and follow these tips for a home worthy of a mini getaway.

Address clutter. There’s something instantly relaxing about walking into a pristine hotel suite, free of clutter and overflowing hampers. To re-create the experience at home, place baskets at every entryway for shoes, and trays and hampers where messes collect.

Add calm colors. Cerrano believes decor in “foundation or grounding colors” can instantly change the mood of a space. Opt for accent pieces in soft shades of lavender, blue, green, beige or dusty yellow.

Add natural accents. Create a sense of calm and balance in your home with accents made from natural materials like rough wood, unpolished stone or woven jute.

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Balance textures. Cerrano says the ultimate Zen home strikes a balance between hard and soft textures. Make sure your space has soft textured items, like a mohair throw, and hard surfaces, like mirrors or ceramic lamps.

Layer lighting. “Try floor and table lamps with neutral color shades like white or beige to evoke a sense of calmness,” Belt says.

Curate a playlist. A University of Nevada study found that music with about 60 beats per minute is optimal for relaxation. Create a playlist with lyric-free classical music or light jazz.

Upgrade linens. It wouldn’t be a staycation without fresh, fluffy linens. Treat yourself with a new set of towels or sheets.

Choose a citrus fragrance. A Mayo Clinic study found participants were less anxious during a stressful test when they smelled orange essential oil. Light a citrus candle or use an essential-oil diffuser to reap the benefits at home.

Introduce greenery. Cerrano and Belt agree: Adding living plants or flowers to your home is an instant way to de-stress an environment. “When selecting plants, choose ones that have round, soft or curved leaves, such as with bamboo, peace lily, rubber tree or fern,” says Cerrano.

Stock your bar cart. It wouldn’t be a vacation without a cocktail in hand. Splurge on a few special bar-cart items, mix a cabana-worthy cocktail, and relax knowing you never have to check out.