Upgrade your morning routine with a bathroom mirror that's a reflection of your style.

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While we can all agree that real beauty comes from the inside, we certainly don’t mind a little help looking our best.

Since gazing into the bathroom mirror is part of almost everyone’s daily routine, an upgraded piece can be considered an investment in how you see yourself. It’s something you spend a healthy amount of time staring into every day, so you may want to take a little extra time to pick one with personality.

From minimal to ornate, round to rectangular, antique to modern, and everything in between, possibilities abound to help you see yourself in style. Here are some tips for picking out the right reflective piece for your bathroom.


A round mirror is chic and surprising, and really shines when mixed with other geometric shapes. Think printed hand towels or a faceted hanging vase.

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With a round shape, you’re treating your bathroom mirror as wall art and striking a balance between fashion and function. In a powder room, where steam isn’t an issue, you can source almost any type of frame to really add pop to the room.


When it comes to bathroom mirrors, two is often better than one, especially for a shared space or over a double vanity. A double mirror is ideal for couples who get ready together but still value a little bit of personal space.

Two identical mirrors work to fill up a larger space, and add symmetry and balance to any size room.


When updating a room, it’s chic to antique. Mixing and matching pieces creates an old-meets-new vibe that’s interesting and unique.

An antique bathroom mirror makes for a stunning statement piece, and when you look in an antique mirror, it’s hard not to feel like a well-framed work of art.

A bright-white room will look even crisper with an element or two of contrast. An antique mirror does just the trick in a more rustic white bathroom, giving the space texture and warmth while maintaining that fresh, clean feeling.


Add personality to your bathroom routine with a mirror in an unexpected shape. An oval provides a fresh twist on the round bathroom-mirror trend. The slimmer curved shape leaves room for chic geometric sconces or enough open space for statement wallpaper to shine.

That versatility is leading more retailers to offer this dramatic shape in a range of frame finishes. It’s also a classic shape to use as a pivot mirror, which is practical and adds dimension to the room.