You won't be left holding the phone (or keys, or wallet) with this handy pouch that attaches to anything.

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No pocket? No problem. Just bring your own.

The No Pocket is a sturdy waterproof pouch invented in Snohomish by Tony and Patty Stapleton when their son got his first smartphone and had no pocket in which to carry it.

Now, the multifunctional pouch is available in four sizes and 10 colors, with adjustable Velcro straps that can be attached to handlebars, belts, shoes, bags or anywhere else you need a little extra storage. A removable clip can also be used to attach to a waistband. An inside pocket helps to secure your license, cash or keys.

{NP}2 (which stands for No Pocket No Problem) remains family owned, with its pockets sewn in Seattle, Sultan and Vancouver, Washington.

$25–$33 at, Snohomish Co-Op and McDaniel’s Do It Center (Snohomish)