Twins, one a Seattle illustrator and the other a Portland writer, team up to create "Monster ABC."

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The monsters in “Monster ABC” aren’t scary — they’re hip, hilarious and oh-so Pacific Northwest.

The children’s board book is quirky fun from Alien to Zombie, written and illustrated by twins Derek Sullivan, a Seattle illustrator, and Kyle Sullivan, a Portland writer.

“Monster ABC,” $14
“Monster ABC,” $14

It’s a refreshing change from saccharine kids’ stories, and includes verses like “G is for Ghost who gave us a start/H is for Hobgoblin who smells like a fart” and “Y is for Yeti who’s quite hard to find/Z is for Zombie with your brain on his mind.”

Appearances are also made by Krampus, Chupacabra, Sasquatch and a vampire.

$14 at Kinokuniya Books (International District) and