Craft hard cider is not new to Seattle, but the innovative flavors from Schilling & Company certainly are.

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Craft hard cider is nothing new to Seattle, but the innovative flavors from Seattle brewery Schilling & Company certainly are.

Sriracha-Lime, anyone? The bold concoction starts with a slow burn, followed by a cool citrus wash that pairs well with tacos or ceviche. The Grapefruit variety has a crisp, dry finish, and Chai Cider, made with Pike Place Market’s MarketSpice tea, is brisk and aromatic. Less adventurous palates will enjoy the bright, refreshing Ginger cider made with raw ginger puree.

Schilling brews its cider in Auburn exclusively from Yakima Valley apples, using local hops and American white oak, with no artificial flavors or fake sugars.

$6–$20 at Schilling Cider House (Fremont) and select Whole Foods

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