Homegrown trailers are light, sustainably made and oh-so good looking.

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If you’re considering a trailer, but traditional, bulky white varieties aren’t really your style, check out locally made Homegrown Trailers — sleek, sustainably made campers complete with wood exteriors and solar panels.

And you can really check them out before you buy — the company rents the trailers for trips on and off the grid. The solar panels provide power, even if you’re not at a developed campsite, and a composting toilet is a simple, chemical-free alternative to a black-water tank.

The layout is clever and functional; the back of the teardrop-shaped trailer pops up to provide plenty of headroom, and a bunk bed and queen-sized bed provide plenty of space for two adults and two small children.

But the real pull of a Homegrown Trailer is its looks. The locally sourced cedar panels, iconic shape and Dutch door make it a head-turner everywhere you go. And it is light enough to be pulled by most trucks and SUVs, adding to its sleek and simple looks.

Rentals starting at $149 a night. Find more info at homegrowntrailers.com.