Jujubeet's Beginner Cleanse is organic and tasty and, best of all, allows you to eat dinner.

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If you’re looking to jump-start a healthy eating plan as summer approaches, but think juice cleanses are a bunch of Hollywood hype, think again.

Jujubeet, a local company with four locations — including a new expanded store in Bellevue — offers an easy and effective half-day Beginner Cleanse that reset the body to reduce cravings, flush bloating and detoxify internal organs.

Each day, you drink four 16-ounce organic juices and an immunity elixir. At night, you eat a normal (healthy) dinner. The fresh-pressed juices are refreshing and tasty, even with almost no sweetening.

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Jujubeet’s new Bellevue location on Main Street opens April 11, with a grand opening celebration on April 14 from 6–8 p.m. It will feature a café with crepes, veggie bowls, a children’s menu and other healthy, vegan foods.

$35 a day for the Beginner Cleanse; grand-opening details at Facebook.com/Jujubeet

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