Products that help you achieve Kondo-esque levels of home organization with minimal effort.

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If you are inspired by Marie Kondo and her bestselling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” but can’t quite get the actual work done, here are some hacks for better organization with minimal effort.


Don’t have time or money for an electrician? No problem. Plug-in sconces and pendants can be hung in a flash. All you need is a drill or a screwdriver to secure them in place; then you can simply plug them into a regular outlet. They’re also easily removable, so you can take them with you when you move.


If you’ve ever had to steam and scrape old wallpaper off a wall, you know how insanely frustrating it can be. But with today’s more advanced technology, it shouldn’t be such a big concern. Removable wallpapers come in an increasingly wide array of fun colors, patterns and textures, so you can make your place feel cozier, and you can also change your mind a year later.


To add a sense of intimacy around a bed or desk try using tension curtain rods. Not only do the curtains go up in no time (and with no need for a tool set or handyman), they can come down just as quickly.


Sometimes you just need to shove everything in a drawer and be done with it. Maybe your friends showed up at your house unannounced, or you have to leave in a hurry. Enter furniture with hidden storage that allows you to make things disappear. Kondo would probably not approve, but sometimes there’s no way around it.

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Are you one of those people with a thousand kitchen utensils jumbled in a single drawer? How painful is it to try and find the wine opener when you need it? Well, a utensil rail could change your life. Everything is exposed, so you never have to search for a can opener again.


It’s not a new invention, but if you can get your hands on a library card catalog file (either antique or a reproduction), we promise it will revolutionize your life. Not only does it look stylish, but all those mismatched random items you have no good place for will be filed and organized. Label the drawers and you’ll never go back to a random junk drawer again.


Your entryway should be the central station where everything you need to get in and out of the house quickly is stored: keys, wallet, phone charger, mail, umbrella, shoes, hats. If you don’t have these things contained in an entryway station, you’ll find yourself running around the house every time you need to head out. With one? Well, maybe you’ll have time for tidying after all.