Add some sparkle and texture — maybe in layers and layers — to your holiday party looks.

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“Anything goes!” Gia Ghezzi, a fashion consultant and former fashion director of Intermix, says of the many ways to wear sparkle and shine this holiday season. “If you feel comfortable in your own skin, now is the moment to have fun and play with it.”

There’s a lot to play with. Lurex, leopard, lamé, velvet, sequins and lace abound, in party frocks and even sportswear pieces like polo shirts and bomber jackets. If they’re embroidered with dogs, cats, flowers and snakes, so much the better.

The look is not without risk.

“If you try to wear it all at once, you could look like you’re on the fast train to crazy town,” says Annie Georgia Greenberg, fashion director at large of Refinery29.

So how do you break out of the gray flannel doldrums without appearing fit for “Grey Gardens”?

One way is to make it all about a statement piece. Now is the time to buy one of those conversation starters you’ve been eyeing.

“You’re not running out and buying a black blazer,” Ghezzi says. “You want a rich velvet one with embellishment on it. It will have longevity because it will make you so happy when you open your closet.”

After all, fashion for the holidays is an emotional enterprise.

“Putting on something bright and shiny is a mood lifter,” Greenberg says. “If you’re wearing a daring outfit, it can help you to feel more daring.”

If you’re a novice wandering down the garden path laid by designers like Alessandro Michele of Gucci, and you’re thinking of layering luxe textures and eccentric detail into one glorious mashup, take it slow.

“New pieces, they’re like new lovers,” says Mia Moretti, a New York DJ. “You’re still getting to know them. You don’t know how long they’re going to last, how warm they’re going to keep you, or if you can dance in that shoe.”

If you’re not ready for a full-on embrace, stick to monochromatic pieces. If you’re going with something sparkly on top, don’t go blingy on the bottom.

“We can’t all work it like Gucci,” Ghezzi says, “although that would be amazing.”