Don’t fret, forgetful Santa. We’ve got perfect presents from stores you pass every day: Starbucks, Bartell, BevMo, Trader Joe's and PCC.

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Oops, you did it again: You waited until the very last minute to do your holiday shopping.

Don’t fret, forgetful Santa. We’ve got you covered with perfect present possibilities from stores you pass every day.


There’s a Starbucks on just about every block, and each one is brimming with gift ideas for your caffeine addict.

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For a neighbor or hostess gift, pick up a pound of the Christmas Blend 2015 ($15) and a pair of mugs, such as the elegant Stainless Steel Faceted Copper Mugs ($17 each).

Got a tea drinker in the house? You’ll score major points with the Teavana Perfectea Maker ($20), a pour-over system for tea. Add leaves and water, then place it on your cup and the patented drain mechanism strains the tea, leaving the leaves behind.

Starbucks Stainless Steel Faceted Copper Mugs, $17
Starbucks Stainless Steel Faceted Copper Mugs, $17

And for the holiday gift that keeps on giving, pick up a 16-ounce Refill Tumbler ($40). Your lucky gift recipient gets free refills of drip coffee or tea for the entire month of January.


Has Star Wars mania reached a fever pitch at your house? Stuff their stockings with Star Wars Cookie Cutters ($15), which includes six faces including Yoda, Chewbacca and C-3PO. For the older Jedi, pick up a Thinkgeek R2-D2 USB Phone Charger ($35).

The “Loud Fan” Northwest Nutcracker ($20) proved so popular with Seahawks fans last year that Bartell’s brought it back for another season. Another accessory for his man cave: the Foamheads Seattle Seahawks 3-D Foam Clock ($29).

And if your native Northwesterner has a sense of humor, pick up a pair of Strideline RIP ’90s Socks ($16), honoring Seattle’s dearly departed NBA team.

Ole Smoky Moonshine Egg Nog, $25; Spectre 007 Belvedere Vodka, $27
Ole Smoky Moonshine Egg Nog, $25; Spectre 007 Belvedere Vodka, $27


Who’s the most popular person in the room? The person who just arrived bearing liquid cheer, that’s who. Ole Smoky Moonshine Egg Nog ($25) will get the party going — if the giftee decides to share.

For the guy who has everything, you can’t get much smoother than the special-edition Spectre 007 Belvedere Vodka ($27), named for the latest James Bond flick. Or, if Dad loves his scotch, show up toting the Chivas Regal Gift Set ($32), complete with two tumblers, and you’ll quickly be elevated to Favorite Kid status.


“You can’t beat a babka,” said Elaine on “Seinfeld,” so grab the Chocolate Brooklyn Babka ($5) to take to a holiday celebration, and see for yourself if the sweet, brioche-like cake really is the tops.

Another great choice: TJ’s and the Astounding Multi Flavor Joe Joe’s ($7), containing double chocolate, peppermint, peanut butter and ginger sandwich deliciousness. Hope the host sets them out, but be prepared to buy your own.

The Himalayan Pink Salt Slab ($15) is an inspired choice for your resident gourmet. The mineral-rich block adds complex, delicate flavor to all kinds of food, and can be used for cooking, curing and serving. The slab is naturally antimicrobial and easy to clean, and can be used repeatedly with proper care.


Sandal season is long gone, and Hot Sox ($6 a pair) are a fun gift for sisters and book-club buddies. PCC stocks lots of designs, but ’tis the season for reindeers and cats wearing Santa hats. And for the sullen teen in your life, there’s the Andes Gifts Grumpy Cat Knit Hat ($26).

McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream, $7
McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream, $7

Everyone loves candles, and Seattle-based Big Dipper Wax Works makes them without lead, paraffin or other toxins. Go for festive with the Apothecary Glass Candles ($10 each) and the 100 percent beeswax Pinecone Candles ($12.50 for medium).

Don’t forget the kiddos, Kris Kringle. First, get them hopped up on some Hammond’s Peppermint Cotton Candy ($3.43) and then hand them a Green Toys Jump Rope ($11.50) to burn off all that holiday cheer.

Once they’re in bed, break out the McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream ($7 a pint). This stuff is heaven on a spoon, and comes in sweet cream, salted caramel and vanilla flavors.