The 33 Beers: Professional Edition is printed in Portland on synthetic paper that resists tears and spills.

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If you spend your weekends hopping between microbreweries, you probably already take note of which beers are your favorites.

But with this new beer-tasting journal, you can rate beers, asses their flavors in a fun graphic way and — if it comes up — dunk the whole book into your glass.

The 33 Beers: Professional Edition is designed and made in Portland, and is printed on a unique, American-made synthetic paper that resists tearing, beer and most chemicals. It’s even archival. You can write on it with just about any writing instrument you’d use with paper. Once dry, the ink doesn’t run. Perfect for the clumsy among us.

Also new to this edition: A foldout swatch allows you to evaluate your beer’s color, and put a number to it.

Pick one up for yourself before beer-festival season heats up for $6. Or grab a 6-pack for all the dads in your life for Father’s Day for $33 at

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