Journal from Seattle-based boutique owner, designer and author guide readers along the path to joy.

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Most of us want to be happier, but have a hard time wrapping our arms around concrete actions to get there.

Enter local boutique owner, designer and author Moorea Seal, with her new book, “52 Lists for Happiness.”

A spin-off of her super-successful “52 Lists Project,” the book contains journaling prompts that focus on positivity, balance and joy.

Work on one prompt a week — examples include reflecting on what made you happy as a child and listing your best life choices — and perhaps greater happiness will seem a little more attainable.

The book launched Tuesday, and there will be a book-signing event on Friday (Sept. 23) from 5–8 p.m. at the store.

$17 at Moorea Seal (Belltown) and booksellers