Great games like Guitar Hero, Osmo, and that local invention with the funny name, pickleball, keep the fun going long after the Christmas lights come down.

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All available at major retailers, expect where noted. “L” is for local; “E” is for eco-friendly.

Guitar Hero Live Bundle Pack

The Guitar Hero franchise gets a reboot with a new controller and new presentation — players now play from the perspective of the guitarist with live-action footage rather than 3D characters. The bundle includes the game and two guitar controllers. Rated E. For Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation and Xbox. $150

Halo 5: Guardians

The latest version of the classic first-person shooter by local firms 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios has smoother gameplay, two new multiplayer modes and an epic storyline. Rated T. For Xbox One. $60 L

Halo 5: Guardians
Halo 5: Guardians

ThinkFun Rush Hour Shift

They’ll have fun and practice their logic skills with this sliding-block game in which you can move your car forward or block your opponent. Ages 8 and up. $25 at Target or Marbles: The Brain Store (Bellevue)

Lego Dimensions Starter Pack

Lego gets a “Skylanders”-style treatment with this game that combines video gaming and real-life toys. The starter pack includes the game, a toy pad, bricks, three characters (Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle) and the Batmobile. Rated E. For Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation and Xbox. $100

Super Mario Maker

Mario fans can create and play their own custom levels and share them online. Reviews since its September release have been stellar, praising the interface and editing tools. Rated E. For Nintendo Wii U. $60

Osmo Genius Kit

Tablet play gets physical with Osmo, which combines on-screen cues and real-world items to solve puzzles and math problems, draw pictures and more. Kit includes the base, plus the Words, Numbers and Tangram game pieces. Ages 6 and up. For iPad. $100 at

Magic the Gathering Battle for Zendikar Gift Pack

A new series of cards from local firm Wizards of the Coast offer expeditions into the iconic land of Zendikar with new lands, creatures and powers. The gift pack includes five booster packs, a storage box that can hold more than 2,000 cards, and more. $25 at Card Kingdom (Ballard) L

Pic-a-Nick and More Pic-a-Pack

Take table-game fun outdoors with this set of oversized wooden game pieces handmade from solid cedar in Minnesota. The pack includes the pieces for four games: Kubb, Dice, Dominoes and the new Pic-a-Word, with 12 letter cubes for hours of sunny-day fun. $140 at


Osmo Genius Kit. Pic-a-Nick and More Pic-a-Pack.
Osmo Genius Kit. Pic-a-Nick and More Pic-a-Pack.

Destiny: The Taken King

This version of the sci-fi, first-person shooter by local firm Bungie has a new enemy and expanded storyline. Rated T. For PlayStation and Xbox. $60 L

7 Wonders: Duel

The popular game, in which players try to accumulate the resources needed to develop a civilization and build wonders, now can be played with just two players. Ages 10 and up. $27 at Blue Highway Games, (Queen Anne)

Rally Meister School Pickleball Set

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the game invented on Bainbridge Island with this starter set. It includes the net, paddles and balls needed to play the game described as a cross between tennis, table tennis and badminton. $125 at L