Top board games, video games, camping games and more for holiday gifting.

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D&D Volo’s Guide to Monsters

Delve deep into the world of Dungeon & Dragons’ monsters in this immersive book filled with beautiful illustrations and in-depth lore. A special limited-edition cover is available at select game stores. $50 at Card Kingdom (Ballard)


Take on the world’s most epic mountains on skis and snowboards, and in wingsuits and paragliders in this adrenaline-fueled game. Ride solo, or play with friends to share in the fun. Out Dec. 2. Rated T; for PC, PS4, Xbox One. $60 at game sellers

Marbles the Brain Store Hnefatafl 

Considered by some to be a precursor to chess, Hnefatafl (pronounced nef-ah-tah-fel) is a two-player game with two objectives: The Attackers are trying to capture the King, while the Vikings need to get their King to safety. 8 and older. $60 at Marbles the Brain Store (downtown)

PlayStation VR 

They can get in the game — literally — with this breakthrough virtual reality viewer and, of course, all the games that go with it, making them part of the action. A PlayStation console, PlayStation Camera and VR games are required for play. $400 for the headset, $100 for Move Motion Controllers at Best Buy

Batman Arkham PSVR

A top choice for PlayStation’s VR system, this short but engrossing game lets you see Gotham City through Batman’s eyes as you work to solve an all-new mystery. Rated M; for PS4 with VR. $20 at game sellers

Fredericks & Mae Dartboard and Darts; Battlefield 1; Nintendo NES Mini
Fredericks & Mae Dartboard and Darts; Battlefield 1; Nintendo NES Mini

Battlefield 1 

Enter huge multiplayer battles using the technology from WWI to fight on land, air and sea. Dynamic weather and destruction mean no two battles are ever the same. Rated M; PC, PS4, Xbox One. $35–$60 at game sellers

I Am Lion Head-Shaped Puzzle

Break out of the box with this free-form puzzle perfect for family fun. With 550 pieces, the completed lion head measures more than 2 feet across. A sheet of fun facts completes the package. $18.50 at Fireworks Gallery

Happy Salmon

Meant more for fun than competition, players draw cards and when they have a match they act out what’s on the card. It could be high fives, doing the “happy salmon” handshake or swapping places. The first to match all their cards wins. 6 and up. $15 at

Nintendo NES Mini 

Go old-school with a scaled-down version of the ’80s’ first big gaming system. It includes 30 retro games, like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong, with none of those chunky retro cartridges required. $60 at

Fredericks & Mae Dartboard and Darts

Five colors are silk-screened onto cork, which is then mounted on birch to create a striking and functional board. Add the company’s super-stylish feather darts to complete the package. $140 for the board; $132-$180 for three darts at

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Relive the blockbuster movie and play in special story levels that take place between “Return of the Jedi” and the new film. There’s more building than fighting, so it’s a good choice for younger players. Rated E; for PS, Xbox, Nintendo. $20–$40 at game sellers

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens; PlayStation VR; Filson Backgammon & Checkers Game
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens; PlayStation VR; Filson Backgammon & Checkers Game

Funnybone Toys Anaxi 

In this brainstorming game, players work from three overlapping cards with “quality” or “describing” words on them to come up with as many people, places and things that share the overlapping qualities. The most original and unique answers in one minute get the points. $22 at

Facets of Fortune Board Game

This exciting, fast-paced board game, designed by Lowell Press and his sons in Bellevue, was just released last summer. Players compete in the world of gem trading, strategically using cards to buy, sell, trade and heist gems — the player with the largest fortune wins. For 2–4 players age 10 and up. $35 at Top Ten Toys (Greenwood) and

Table Topics Past Present Future Card Cube

Spark conversation with this set of prompts that helps you celebrate the past, live in the present and dream about the future. Great for parties or just sitting around the dinner table. $25 at

Filson Backgammon & Checkers Game 

Add to their back-at-camp fun with this rugged set made from luggage-grade twill with a different game board printed on each side. A moleskin pouch holds the wood game pieces, dice and instructions. $125 at Filson (Sodo)

Tak: A Beautiful Game

Developed in Seattle, this brand-new, Kickstarter-funded strategy game is simple in idea — you try to build a road from one end of the board to the other before your opponent — but endlessly challenging. The linen-wrapped board and wood pieces add to the enjoyment. Pre-order to receive a certificate to give; the recipient will receive the game in January. $55 at

The Last Guardian 

Play as a boy who meets a mythical beast with whom he forges a deep bond. Face dangers and uncover secrets in a mysterious fantasy land. Out Dec. 6. Rated T; for PS4. $60 at game sellers


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