Fragrance, color and a fresh set of towels are must-haves for your company to feel at home.

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Guest bathrooms are an integral part of the home. They’re typically the one and only bathroom seen and used by guests.

As holiday party season approaches, here are some some basic do’s and don’ts to help you get your bathroom guest-ready and showcase it in the best possible light.


Do make your guest bathroom a functional space in your home. Ideally, it should not be used for storage or stowing cleaning products or supplies, and it should feel fresh, open and airy.

Do use florals. While fresh flowers are ideal, they’re not easy to keep on hand. Attractive artificial arrangements, which look surprisingly real these days, will have a similar impact.

Do incorporate color. A pop of color can go a long way in a small space such as a bathroom. Try out fun wallpaper or a bold color you love that’s too much for a larger room. Or add meaningful objects, such as a calming crystal or a figurine of your favorite animal.

Do have out a fresh set of towels. Damp towels, even if relatively clean, may make guests feel like they’re using your old bath towels. Try Turkish fouta versions that dry more quickly between uses.

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Do infuse fresh fragrance. Add a mildly scented candle to add ambiance and mask odors. Candles can also help add color.


Don’t make your guest bathroom an afterthought. Guests will not feel welcome in a space that does not feel clean and fresh.

Don’t forget artwork. Artwork helps to add personality, especially in small spaces. It also might be the most gazed-upon piece in your whole collection.

Don’t only showcase your guest bathroom when guests are on the way. Keeping the space guest-ready will provide a calming, spa-like atmosphere for you and your family.

Don’t ignore lighting. A well-lit bathroom is key for guests who want to look party-perfect. Soft light from sconces and/or candles will provide a flattering glow.

Don’t overdo it. Guest bathrooms tend to be small, so don’t overcrowd your space. Scale down things like cabinets and towel racks so guests have room to move.

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