If you like the avant-garde and unconventional-materials challenges on "Project Runway," you'll love the World of WearableArt show at EMP.

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The World of WearableArt show is out of New Zealand, so you know there’s going to be some “Lord of the Rings” reference. It comes in the form of an enormous metal suit of armor made by Stuart Johnson, a blacksmith and weapons maker for the movie trilogy.

That and 31 other wearable pieces of art are on display at EMP Museum, opening July 2. The exhibit of winners from the annual design competition is a North American first.

Other pieces are made from plastic, wood and fabrics of all forms. The only requirement is that they must be wearable and beautiful. And they are. The exhibit is what we wish designers had the time (and creativity) to create for the crazier challenges on design shows like “Project Runway.” The pieces on display may not be intended for everyday wear, but they are inspiring, and remind us that fashion can be much more than just utility.