Laundry rooms are underappreciated but oh-so necessary. Add style and organization to yours to make the process a little more pleasant.

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Consider it the most underappreciated room in the house. Really, many of us spend a lot more time in the laundry room than we want to admit.

So goal number one is to make sure it’s organized (which may lead to less time spent there). Next, you want to be sure it’s safe. Finally, make it a little more pleasant by adding some personality.

Here are a few tips to help you shape up the laundry room.


Most people realize it’s important to clean the lint trap out with every use of the dryer. But few realize that the leading cause of home dryer fires is the failure to clean out the vent pipe at least once a year.

The National Fire Protection Association suggests hiring a professional to clean out that vent if you can’t do it yourself. And if you have a gas dryer, let a pro inspect it and ensure the gas line and connections are leak-free.


Make sure that the guests of honor in your laundry room — the dirty articles of clothing — are sorted according to their color and delicate sensibilities. Look for a hamper with multiple bins for easy separating. Or invest in a series of graphically interesting hampers that meld form and function.

(Top) Tempaper By Bobby Berk Retrogeo Self-Adhesive Wallpaper, $125 a roll at; (Above) Ferm Living Half Moon and Spear Baskets, $80 
each at clever
(Top) Tempaper By Bobby Berk Retrogeo Self-Adhesive Wallpaper, $125 a roll at; (Above) Ferm Living Half Moon and Spear Baskets, $80 each at clever


It you’re tripping over your laundry supplies or have them piled on top of your machines, consider a rolling cart that can hold your detergent, dryer sheets, stain spray and towels. You may even be able to find something slender enough to fit in any dead space next to the machines.


No room for a drying rack? You can’t beat an old-fashioned clothesline. Just add clothespins, and it’s an instant solution for drying delicates and sweaters that could be damaged in the machine.


Once the dryer buzzes, the savvy laundry pro knows to grab the clothes before wrinkles settle in. Mount a handy shelf that will serve two purposes: holding your supplies and offering a rod to hang wrinke-prone items.


The laundry room is often small and tucked out of view from visitors. So take the opportunity to decorate it in a way you might not otherwise dare. Add bold, graphic wallpaper or paint a bright accent wall.

Add a row of baskets or wooden bins for storage, and consider bringing in fresh flowers or a potted plant. Then maybe doing your chores will actually bring a smile to your face.