Is it a skateboard with handlebars or a stand-up bike with no pedals? It's both!

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Get out and go this summer on a cool new ride — the Conway Bikeboard, designed in West Seattle by Darren Conway.

Part skateboard, part beach cruiser, it combines the braking and steering stability of a bicycle with the push-powered riding experience of a skateboard. Suitable for ages 8 and up, it’s easy to learn and makes skateboarding accessible to everyone.

The modular design transitions into a conventional longboard, and it’s customizable, so you can swap out any 42.5-inch board or standard handlebars to create your own look.

The first Bikeboard retail and rental shop opened in June in Ocean Shores. Buy your own locally, or try it out with a rental at Alki Kayak Tours.

$295 at Alki Bike and Board (West Seattle), Seattle E-bike (Sodo) and