Clever cuts, slits and keyholes on trending dresses and shirts offer “business in the front, party in the back.”

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“Cold shoulder” may be the hottest trend of the summer, but the most intriguing peek-a-boo region is the back.

Taking a cue from athletic attire, backs have been getting more attention lately, with style lines that criss-cross, plunge, split upward from the bottom or offer cutouts around the shoulder blades.

One of our biggest grievances is that clothes are three-dimensional, but the rear-view is so often neglected. Many patterned garments even stop the design at the sides, leaving the back a blank slate. We consider this a wasted opportunity.

But dresses and shirts, from the über-casual to formal, can now be found with clever cuts, slits and keyholes, often on an otherwise conservative-looking garment. It’s a more palatable version of the phrase most readily associated with the mullet hair style: “business in the front, party in the back.”

For day, you can hide any openings with a cardigan or jacket for a work-appropriate look. Then ditch the cover ups for the evening to show a flash of flesh.

If you don’t want to bare even a sliver of skin, you can still give your back a little more attention. Fresh looks featuring hind-view design details, such as a row of buttons up the back of a top, are becoming more common.

Or wear a tank or tube top underneath a shirt that slits up the back to make it less revealing. The look will still add some intrigue.

And sure, you might not get to see people’s admiration as you retreat from view, but you’ll always be confident you’re making a dramatic exit.