Known for its quality leather boots and accessories, Frye is opening its first store in the state on May 19.

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Whether you collect them or covet them, The Frye Company’s new retail store — it’s first in Washington state — is sure to lure in leather footwear fans.

Opening May 19 at University Village, the store will sell its iconic leather boots for men and women, as well as other types of footwear, bags, belts, hats, scarves and more.

The store itself will feature a photo exhibit of Seattle rock icons, as well as the company’s signature harness-ring chandelier, comprised of 10,000 harness rings hung on 2,500 leather straps. The store will also feature locally sourced white oak paneling, an ode to the region’s logging industry.

The store will host local-maker pop-ups and live acoustic performances by local musicians.