A baker’s dozen pack of gifts — practical, beautiful and edible — from the staff of Food and NYT Cooking to please your favorite home chef.

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The cook who has everything still wants something more.

Here is a baker’s dozen pack of gifts — practical, beautiful and edible — from the staff of Food and NYT Cooking to please those who spend the year pleasing you.

Reg Barber Espresso Tamper ($64 at coffeetamper.com). As adorable as espresso spoons are, your home barista really doesn’t need another set. These Canadian-made tampers are a favorite among competitive baristas; the wooden handles and metal bases are customizable, and personalization is also available.

“Heirloom Harvest” ($85 at booksellers). The astonishing beauty and variety of the heirloom fruits and vegetables that Amy Goldman cultivates in her gardens in Rhinebeck, N.Y., live on in books of photographs. Photos of the farm and its story are included.

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Dara Artisans Wooden Spoons ($140 at daraartisans.com). Can a cook ever have enough wooden spoons beside the stove? This gift set of 13, handmade from beechwood in India, guarantees a constant supply. Or split them among multiple giftees.

Piq Chef Timer, $12; Heath Ceramics Studio Mug, $30
Piq Chef Timer, $12; Heath Ceramics Studio Mug, $30

Piq Chef Timer ($12 at piqproducts.com). This digital timer is much easier to snatch up and reset in the midst of a busy cooking session than something small and sleek. And it’s a lot of fun.

Schoolhouse Electric Triangle Dinner Bell ($65 at schoolhouseelectric.com). This update of the prairie home contraption has a modern sleekness. The striker stores securely in the leather hanger.

ThermoWorks Thermapen ($99 at thermoworks.com). When dealing with a pricey piece of meat or fillet of fish, getting a quick and accurate internal temperature reading is crucial. The Thermapen is the best at that, and it comes in 10 colors, so one should suit your favorite cook.

KitchenAid Spiralizer ($100 at kitchenaid.com). In addition to cutting fruit and raw vegetables into long ribbons, this new attachment from KitchenAid also peels, cores and slices.

Williams-Sonoma Cabbage Leaf Bowl, $70
Williams-Sonoma Cabbage Leaf Bowl, $70

Williams-Sonoma Cabbage Leaf Bowl ($70). To commemorate the founder’s 100th birthday, the company is re-issuing this bowl in limited edition with a commemorative stamp.

Santa Fe Cooking School Grill ($30 at santafeschoolofcooking.com). This smart grate fits over a stovetop burner to ensure that chilies and other small items don’t fall through.

Heath Ceramics Studio Mug ($30 at heathceramics.com). The low oval handle may seem odd on this mug, but it’s at just the right spot through which to loop a finger and cup the vessel. There is a choice of 14 glaze combinations.

Berard Salt and Pepper Mill ($60 at amazon.com). This concrete and olive wood salt-and-pepper mill is neutral and elegant enough for any dining table. The wood top pulls off for refills, and the ceramic grinding mechanism is smooth.

Snash Jewelry Hangry Ring, $58
Snash Jewelry Hangry Ring, $58

Olympia Provisions Choucroute Garnie Kit ($120 at olympiaprovisions.com). Making choucroute garnie, the bountiful Alsatian casserole of sausages, cured pork and sauerkraut, is simplified with this kit from Portland. Comes with three packs of kielbasa, eight slices of bacon, two packs of bratwurst, one pack of uncured franks, eight slices of ham and 2 1/2 pounds of sauerkraut.

Snash Jewelry Hangry Ring ($58 for brass, $118 for silver at snashjewelry.com). This hardware adds some dazzle to the touchy food lover.