A rapidly advancing natural beauty market means there are finally amazing all-natural shampoos that get the job done.

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I am annoyingly meticulous about the products that touch my hair. It took several years of going product-free for my mane to fully recover from a lifetime of abuse.

I started by nourishing and transforming my hair with simple pantry staples (apple cider vinegar, baking soda and coconut oil). But a year and a half down the line, I started to tire of the “quirks” in the routine; getting occasional whiffs of vinegar while at the office was a deal-breaker in itself. I craved the convenience of shampoo again, but I was wary of reintroducing products after I had made all this progress.

Then, while working on a story about actress Shailene Woodley’s very crunchy beauty routine, I tried some products from her favorite brand, Living Libations. I was immediately hooked.

Thanks to a rapidly advancing natural beauty market, there are now several amazing all-natural shampoos that get the job done. Here are my favorites.

Rahua Shampoo ($34 at rahua.com). Of all the formulas I’ve tried, this remains my staple shampoo. It’s so hydrating, thanks to coconut and shea butter, which gently lift dirt and grease while deeply moisturizing strands. And it gets your hair clean, which can be a struggle with some all-natural formulas. But, really, my favorite attribute is Rahua’s signature heady palo santo scent.

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Shampoo ($50 at alkaitis.com). This effective organic shampoo is crafted with an array of nourishing botanicals, including aloe vera, coconut oil, oats, chamomile and rosemary. It’s sudsy, which is a plus to those who like to see and feel that their shampoo is working. Plus, it’s gluten-free.

Acure Organics Lemongrass + Argan Stem Cell Shampoo ($10 at Target). Natural, effective formulas at a drugstore price are not easy to come by, but this one works. It’s clarifying and color-safe, and high doses of argan oil, avocado oil and antioxidant CoQ10 help support your hair’s natural keratin to prevent damage.

100 Percent Pure Kelp & Mint Volumizing Shampoo ($19 at 100percentpure.com). Those with fine hair are often wary of natural formulas, because any greasy residue is just not an option. This shampoo is the answer to that concern. Thanks to its high content of seaweed collagen, it transforms flat, lackluster strands into glossy, bouncy hair.

Living Libations Seabuckthorn Shampoo ($40 at livinglibations.com). The shampoo that started it all for me is still dear to heart (and hair). It performs even better when paired with the brand’s Shine On Conditioner.

Hairstory New Wash ($40 at shophairstory.com). If you prefer a cleansing cream, this is a great option. I love that it’s basically a conditioner first, cleanser second, eliminating the need for both steps in the shower. But it still gets rid of grease and dirt effectively, leaving my strands soft and frizz-free.

Reverie Shampoo ($38 at gmreverie.com). Reverie’s shampoo is just one in an amazing lineup of products. The formula is crafted with sweet almond, zinc and amino acids, along with a gorgeous, citrusy blend of essential oils.