It's hard to resist the temptation of home trends. Here are 10 worth investing in.

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Following trends can be dangerous in home décor, where rooms are designed to last decades, not months.

But it can be hard to resist the temptation to pick up a handmade ceramic piece or a hang a metallic planter, especially when that’s what we see all over Instagram and in every magazine.

So what’s the “safe way” to decorate with trends? For starters, small, trendy accents are easier to infuse into a space that has a neutral base.

Also, as designer Nate Berkus would advise, don’t use any materials you wouldn’t have seen in a 1920s home. With longevity in mind, we’ve rounded up the top 10 home-décor trends of 2017 that are likely to stand the test of time.


Beige is on its way to becoming the new gray. Interior designers have jumped on the trend, creating beautifully modern spaces in a color that was once synonymous with boring.


This surprising trend has taken off not only because it looks great, but because it’s also easy on the wallet. Tiled kitchen-island tops may never fully replace marble countertops, but it’s a cool and cutting-edge option.

New modern: West Elm Modern 3-Drawer Dresser, $699
New modern: West Elm Modern 3-Drawer Dresser, $699


Bye-bye bohemia? It’s all about monochrome spaces in 2017. Muted pastels are taking center stage, with people using the same color scheme for their walls, trim, ceiling and furniture to create a beautifully unified look.


While statement range hoods are still very much in vogue, many designers are now taking a “less is more” approach to the appliance. They’re building it behind a simple, clean case for a more subdued style.


There’s been a revival of the new-modern style — a clean, minimal aesthetic with curved lines, mixed materials and a whole lot of appeal, spearheaded by retailer West Elm. The design emphasizes refined, architectural shapes paired with thoughtful details, says Johanna Uurasjarvi, creative director at West Elm.


Another classic style — new traditional — is also resurfacing. The style has made its way back into décor in new and unexpected ways. Fringe trim, ginger jars and classic shapes are back, but with a twist.


Marie Kondo’s tidying frenzy has passed, and homeowners are now jumping on a new lifestyle philosophy: the Scandinavian hygge movement. Its principle is to create a cozy home filled with soft textures and dim lighting — and to savor a slow way of living with family and friends.


Beautiful handmade ceramics have been adding an organic edge to rooms everywhere this year. Stylist Emily Henderson adds them everywhere, from bookcases to coffee tables to consoles.


Transparent or colored-glass tables are popping up in interiors and are a fun trend. They are also a great small-space hack since transparent tables blend into a room without weighing it down or looking bulky.


“Greenery” is Pantone’s Color of the Year, so it’s no surprise that it’s a big home-décor hue for 2017. But people are also adding the color green to their homes by adding more plants. Specifically, hanging plants are this year’s top trend, with planters in a range of styles supporting everything from air plants to moss balls.