An energy healer recommends 10 items that can subconsciously boost mood and bring in good energy.

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Can the energy of your personal space subconsciously influence your mood?

I consulted reiki master Jenni Finley to catch up on all things root-chakra-related. As an energy healer, she emphasizes the power of setting subconscious cues throughout a room as reminders of how you want to feel and think.

“Every time you look around a space, you get subconscious messages,” Finley says. “Everything on the planet needs to be replenished and cleared in some way. The ocean is continually withdrawing and reshaping itself. All things in nature reach an apex, experience birth, death and renewal. That’s the way energy is. Sometimes it needs to be cleared and released.”

Here are her 10 picks for generating positive energy and creating sacred space within the home.


Establish a daily or nightly routine to call in positive energy. “It can be as simple as lighting a candle,” Finley says. “Sandalwood is a sacred tree, the oil of which vibrates to the first and fourth chakras. It is extremely grounding and generates openness and healing to the heart space.”


“When you are wanting to call in or access sacred energy, the first thing you want to do is declare a sacred space,” she says. “An easy way to do that is to set the boundary with a meditation blanket.”

Sol Studio Select Zafu Crescent Meditation Cushion, $50 at
Sol Studio Select Zafu Crescent Meditation Cushion, $50 at


If you have a daily meditation practice, meditate in the same spot each day. “With an established routine, you’ll come to associate the area itself with feelings of peace and well-being,” Finley says.


Sage has a cleansing effect on negative vibes. Think of it as hitting the reset button. “If you are experiencing a persistent emotion that won’t clear, something effective would be to sage your personal space,” Finley says.


“The heart chakra is like the engine of the car. If you want a quick result, get some rose quartz,” she says. Crystals are known for holding and magnifying certain vibrations. “Hold onto the stone and feel what you want to feel. The crystal will retain the vibration.”


Finley suggests layering your room with subconscious cues to trigger happy, positive thoughts, including a personal totem or power animal.

“The Alchemist,” $17 at booksellers
“The Alchemist,” $17 at booksellers


Finley on Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”: “This is one of my favorite books. It is an incredible work of fiction that is wildly accurate on energy healing.”


Each Tibetan bowl is designed to vibrate to a different chakra. The mere act of listening to these ancient instruments is said to be deeply relaxing and meditative.


Incense is thought to naturally lift the spirits and raise positive vibrations. Choose a scent specific to your meditation goal.


A mystical tree indigenous to South America, palo santo means “holy wood” in Spanish. “Burning palo santo is energy-clearing,” she says. Plus, it smells fantastic.