Freshen your décor with muted, understated colors, soft metallics and eco-friendly materials.

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This year, the top trend in home décor will be the use of muted, understated colors, with soft metallics also playing an important role.

Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year, soft shades of pink and blue, set the tone. People, more and more, are looking for ways to create a soothing environment for living, relaxation and staycations. A back-to-basic approach to design will be dominated by foundation colors such as white, cream, taupe, soft silver and muted gold.

Here are more design predictions for 2016.

1. Pastels. With Pantone’s picks of Rose Quartz and Serenity as its colors of the year, we will see more pastel colors dominating home décor. Along with pink and soft blue, pale yellow, light green and peach tones will also be integrated into both soft and hard goods.

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2. Metallics. Walk into nearly any home décor store and you will likely see that metallic tones such as soft silver and muted gold rule the shelves. Metallics are soothing and calm, and they pair well with other muted tones such as white, cream or light brown.

3. Soft surfaces. There was a time when hard surfaces and edges were popular in design, but the look is on the decline. Softness, in the form of rich, sumptuous fabrics and deep, soft rugs, will be more abundant.

Chadhaus Ferro Round Table, $2,400 at
Chadhaus Ferro Round Table, $2,400 at

4. Muted patterns. People are looking for more ways to extend the longevity of their décor picks. To that end, more muted and subtle patterns will be more popular than bold, vibrant graphics. Muted patterns allow homeowners to have color and pattern in their space that function more like background music, as opposed to taking center stage.

5. Wood. The back-to-nature movement in home décor continues. This includes unpainted wood furniture and accessories, as well as craftsman-style furniture pieces that showcase wood’s natural beauty. There will be a move away from pieces that are more generic and mass-produced.

6. Natural elements. Similarly, designs with reclaimed or salvaged woods and recycled materials will continue grow in popularity. These products are now easily found at all types of home-décor stores.

CB2 Lawndale Leather Daybed, $1,799 at
CB2 Lawndale Leather Daybed, $1,799 at

7. Green design. Beyond even recycled wood and other materials, homeowners continue to increase green elements in their lives, from cleaning products to organic linens to chemical-free building materials.

8. Minimalism. Remember the 1980s, when bigger was better? In 2016 the trend will be more toward items that are smaller in scale and that are designed be used in various areas of the home.

9. Multifunctional design. In the same vein, items that can pull double duty are a boon for those who live in smaller, urban homes or apartments.

10. Economical design. Although the economy has bounced back, many homeowners still wish to be conservative. Affordable or approachable design will still be desirable and sought after in 2016.