This décor hack squeezes a lot of storage into small corners of the home.

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Just like the adage about good things coming in small packages, the best décor hacks are the ones that squeeze into any corner of our home.

Enter the decorative ladder — the latest fashion-forward décor trick that kills two birds with one stone: It looks extra stylish, and it solves many storage woes. It’s versatile enough to organize a range of items, from throws to bath towels to shoe collections. And if you believe in owning fewer but better things, a ladder lets you keep them in plain sight to admire.

Ready to take your storage solutions to new heights? Add a stylish decorative ladder in every room of the house.


Taking up very little room, a storage ladder is ideal for a small foyer. Use one to hang scarves, sunglasses, even bags. Hang small baskets on the ladder to hold mail and keys, or add a few magazines to grab on the way to the coffee shop. Consider it your very own entryway station.


Add a wooden decorative ladder if you’re short on towel storage. Add a few magazines to your ladder so you never run out of reading material while taking a long bath.


Just like in the entryway, a ladder in the bedroom can help solve a range of storage issues, providing space for jewelry, throws, lightly worn clothes or, most important, shoes.


Do you have built-in bookcases in your living room but can’t access the top shelves without a step stool? Build your own rolling ladder with a DIY kit from Rockler.


High shelves and cupboards can be hard to reach, especially items in the back. Regain access to your cabinets by adding a rolling ladder. This is especially practical in smaller kitchens where storage space is at a premium.