Air-assisted toilets will deliver strong and efficient flushes.

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Q: We just purchased a small lake cabin and we want to replace the old toilet with a new toilet to help save water. I have tried research, but frankly I’m confused. What suggestions do you have to assist us in finding a very efficient toilet?

A: Believe it or not, part of the answer is in your question. The two key words are efficiency and assist, and I’ll explain both as they relate to toilets.

If you’re looking to save water, I recommend getting a high-efficiency toilet, or what we in the trades call an HET. In most cases, to qualify as an HET, the fixture flushes with less than 1.3 gallons of water per flush.

For water savings and flushing power, I like air pressure-assisted HETs. Air-assisted or pressure-lite toilets use pressure vessel technology to deliver strong and efficient flushes.

Since some pressure-assisted toilets use only one gallon of water per flush, this should really help clear the air on how you can save a lot of water.


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