With a single-lever faucet, water flow and temperature controls can be set a lot easier than on those with the two-handle style.

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Q: We live out west and we’re really into saving water. I want to install a new bathroom faucet, and water-flow control is very important to us so we can lower the flow according to our needs. What do you recommend for an easy-to-use bathroom faucet with full control over temperature and flow?

A: No matter where you live, installing water-saving plumbing fixtures makes sense, and that is my first recommendation.

Give yourself a head-start and look for a high-efficiency bathroom faucet that uses about 1.2 gallons per minute. (Standard bathroom faucets use about 2.2 gpm.) Some high-efficiency faucets have high-temp stop limits for safety and energy savings, as well.

For overriding flow control and easy operation, I recommend a single-handle bathroom faucet. With single-lever operation, flow and temperature controls can be set a lot easier than on faucets with the two-handle style.

Master contractor/plumber Ed Del Grande is known internationally as the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call,” the host of TV and Internet shows, and a
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