“Comfort-height” toilets are about chair height, and many people feel more comfortable using them.

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Q: We’re planning an aging-in-place bathroom, and my wife and I have been talking about installing a taller toilet. Do we need to do any special piping to change over to this type of toilet? What other toilet features do you recommend?

A: Taller toilets are also known as “comfort-height” toilets because they sit a couple of inches higher than standard toilets. These toilets are about chair height, and many people do feel a little more comfortable using this type of toilet.

In most cases, no special piping or flanges are necessary when installing a comfort-height toilet in place of a standard toilet.

For another nice feature, I recommend installing a quiet slow-closing toilet seat for extra convenience and comfort. Some of today’s high-tech seats even have a built-in nightlight, and that will really help brighten up your new bathroom.

Master contractor/plumber Ed Del Grande is known internationally as the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call” and a LEED green associate. For more information, visit eddelgrande.com.