It all comes down to water flow: Bath filler valves provide increased water flow over standard bathroom faucets.

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Q: We are planning to install a separate shower and a large “bathing only” tub in our new bathroom. Like most jobs, we are on a budget and I noticed that a bath filler faucet valve costs a lot more than a standard bathroom faucet. My question is: Can we just use a two-handle bathroom faucet to fill the new bathtub in place of a pricey bath filler setup?

A: If you’re looking to install a separate bath tub, there is a very good reason why you should use a bath filler. Basically, it all comes down to water flow, and bath fillers provide increased water flow over standard bathroom faucets.

Bathroom faucets are designed to provide enough water flow into a sink for washing hands or brushing teeth. In many cases, water-saving bathroom faucets can be installed on bathroom sinks because an even slower flow of water may still do the job while the faucet is running. There’s no reason for unnecessary water to be wasted down the drain.

However, the purpose of a bath tub filler is to fill a large vessel with water in a reasonable timeframe, not to run the water into an open drain line. Plus, you want the hot water to still be hot by the time the bathtub is full.

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