Smart showerheads allow you to keep up with your daily podcasts and favorite music, even while you shower.

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Q: I am a young professional soon to be moving into my first apartment. My dad said he will install a new showerhead for me as a gift and wants me to pick one out. I have heard about the new showerheads that play music and would like a little information. Also, are these showerheads easy to install?

A: For some of us, even a few minutes away from our smartphones and devices can make us feel out of the loop. So, if you want to keep up with your daily podcasts and favorite music even when you shower, smart showerheads are available.

A smart showerhead installs as easily as a standard showerhead, but it includes a battery powered water-resistant wireless speaker that docks directly into the showerhead. This shower speaker syncs up with your smart device so you can listen clearly while your device is located outside of the shower stall.

When done showering, you can remove the wireless speaker from the showerhead and continue listening while you get ready, or recharge the speaker.