Some models are able to use tap water for normal kitchen use, but with the flip of a lever, cold water can be diverted through the faucet filter.

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Q: I live in an apartment with a small kitchen sink. I want to upgrade my kitchen faucet and have read your past columns about installing a separate beverage faucet to deliver filtered water to the sink. Since I can only fit one faucet, do they make a kitchen faucet that also has a built-in-filter option? I don’t want to add any attachments to my new faucet.

A: You are in luck: They do make sleek-looking kitchen faucets that also have water-filter options.

Since kitchen faucets are also used to wash dishes, you don’t want to waste your filtered water on things like clean up or rinsing. This faucet uses tap water for normal kitchen use, but with the flip of a lever, it can divert cold water through the faucet filter. This on-demand filtration option can reduce the need for frequent filter changes.

Bottom line: If you want a hard-working kitchen faucet that can also fill up your water bottle, you can really drink up the benefits of this special type.

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