Not only are you choosing a faucet style that matches your bathroom, you also need to select the type that fits your existing sink.

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Q: We need to choose a new bathroom faucet for our existing sink. The more information I receive the more confused I get, and I don’t know what to do. I need to choose between a widespread faucet or a centerset faucet. To help me make the right choice, can you please give me details about widespread and centerset faucets?

A: Welcome to the world of replacing bathroom faucets. Not only are you choosing style, you also need to choose a faucet type that fits your existing bathroom sink.

For example: If you have a single-hole sink, you’ll need a single-hole centerset faucet. However, when you have a three-hole bathroom sink, you can usually choose between a centerset faucet and a widespread faucet to correctly match the sink.

Two-handle centerset faucets are the standard compact models and measure 4 inches from the center of one handle to the center of the other handle. Widespread faucets measure 8 inches or more between handles. Also, with a widespread faucet, the spout and handles are usually three separate components.

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