The prospect of unboxing your possessions in your new home can be daunting. Here, experts offer suggestions for taking the pain out of the process.

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Moving homes can be an exciting transition. But when the buzz from finding your new home and planning the décor has dulled, there’s one task that fills most movers with dread: unpacking.

If the prospect of unboxing your possessions in your new home seems daunting, relax. John-Morgan and Lauren Bush, the entrepreneurial pair behind the packing service Unpackd NYC, tell Elle Decor that unboxing your wares doesn’t need to be a chore. They mastered the art of moving during a transition from Boston to New York and have developed some handy hacks to take the pain out of the process.

Here are the three tips they swear by.

1. Unload boxes straight to their designated rooms. Load the van so boxes for each room are stored together, then unload them directly into their new space. Unloading boxes into an entryway or holding area might seem fast, but it’s a short-term solution that will increase your workload.

2. Style your bedroom first. According to John-Morgan, this is the most important room to prioritize. “Create a perfect bedroom to retreat to so that you can relax when it seems like everything else in your place is falling down,” he says.

3. Don’t delay unpacking your closet. “People often save their closet for last, because it takes the most time,” Bush says. “But you can get rid of some of your biggest boxes that contain most of your day-to-day stuff if you tackle your closet early on.” Refresh your closet by tossing mismatched hangers and replacing them with one style for a coordinated, clutter-free look.